How to Get American Netflix on PS3?

There were options for Apple TV, Android, Mac, iOS operating system based smartphones, Windows computer, Linux computer, why do we suddenly choose PS3 to connect us to the American Netflix? You can either say it as an option or you can also say it as a preference. Many people may prefer to connect themselves to American Netflix through the PS3 which they own and love to use. Thus, so that there are no conspiracies, we raise the question of whether the American Netflix can be connected to us through the use of PS3 or not! Thus, let us now go through the various aspects of getting the American Netflix on PS3.

The Real Life Scenario of Possibilities of Getting American Netflix on PS3

According to the real life scenario, we do have the provision or there does exist a legitimate or actual way in which we can get ourselves connected to the American Netflix through PS3. Now, all those you who loves to use PS3 as well as loves to have access to the American Netflix, would love the concept if they could merge them together into one single element, that is, reaching out to the American Netflix through PS3. Stick to this article if you are really interested in knowing how you can get the American Netflix on your PS3.

The Way or the Navigation Path for Getting to Access the American Netflix Through the Use of Your PS3

There is present a particular way through which you can reach out to the American Netflix through the use of your PS3. But, it is really important that you understand what is happening and how it is happening before you go along with it.

Thus the navigation path for reaching out to the American Netflix through your PS3 is given below. But, before actually starting off with the steps of the navigation path, we would highly and very positively recommend each and every one taking up with process to get your router configured as per the needs to avoid unnecessary problems.

In the case that you are not using or you do have a router, you can blindly follow the below mentioned steps to get the American Netflix on PS3.

  • From the option of settings for your PS3, you are required to navigate to the section called ‘network settings’
  • Now you need to go ahead and give a click on ‘internet connection settings’
  • Now, you will face a message showing that you will automatically be discontinued from the current access point of internet, where you have to click on ‘ok’
  • You are now required to select the option called ‘custom’
  • Please don’t make any kind if changes and keep them as it is before you are going into the option called ‘DNS settings’
  • Give a click on ‘manual’ and now you need to fill up all the corresponding fields
  • Now you can check all your settings and other aspects and you can do the same by clicking on the right button, which is present on the PS3

Following these simple steps will lead you to get American Netflix in PS3. Thus, for all people of the same make, you all have an advantage now.